About my page and me …

Mention Colombia and you provoke a host of negative images: cocaine, guerrillas, paramilitaries and most of all former gangster/politician Pablo Escobar.
It’s also a place of immense geographical beauty, with an invigorating culture, and populated by fantastically friendly people. There are also heroes of every sort.
You can find heroes almost everywhere you look, if you are fortunate enough to speak to some of the people and hear their stories. They are the human rights workers, professors who risk their lives to teach the truth, and they are the campesinos who risk everything and stand up to organized crime. They are of every creed, colour and occupation.
I have been inspired by so many of them. Many I have never met; I read their stories in newspapers and on the Internet. Others I have known for years. In Colombia, unassuming people routinely live heroic lives, risking their own safety to help others, just because that’s what good people do.

It will be my privilege to tell you a few of their stories.

Me? I’ve been a newspaper reporter/editor for decades, most recently for The Vancouver Sun. I’m recently retired, but still communicating. Spinal surgery hastened my departure from the grind of daily journalism. But I love Colombia, my life in Canada and I like to tell a good story.

So, if you think genuine heroes are occasionally worth a minute of your time, or have any interest on my thoughts on life in Colombia, British Columbia or from time-to-time The Vancouver Whitecaps, please drop by. It’s possible you might be entertained.

And we might just find a way to help a hero along the way.

David Hogben

(If you wish to contact me directly, please write to me at: dhogben@yahoo.com)



16 responses to “About my page and me …”

  1. educatingadultstoday says :

    I’m looking forward to reading more, David.

  2. Keri Langley says :

    Miss you David, but reading this is kind of like having lunch with you. Without the lunch. You are my lifelong friend and I’m proud of you.

  3. Connection Colombia says :

    Keri, your friendship has long been one of my greatest treasures. You are an inspiration to me, and I suspect many others. I am so proud of you as well. (Let’s do lunch with Lili, Vic and Ginger when I return in May.)

  4. Craig Ross says :

    Thanks David for your great efforts, in the difficult situations that you encounter daily.

    • Connection Colombia says :

      Thank you, Craig. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot more fun when someone reads what I am doing. I think there shall be some more interesting articles in the near future. Looking forward to reconnecting with you and everyone in British Columbia.

  5. Peg says :

    Wow Hogben! My former deskmate. Great to see this and so very happy for you that you’re doing something you love.

    • jr9101 says :

      Thanks Peg and Dave for your updates and comments. I am trying to get myself educated on all the issues facing Colombia. Thanks again.


  6. sleepybear1956 says :

    Your awesome –love the work you are engaged in today –your a hero

  7. sleepybear1956 says :

    Along long time ago, a young man was told you’ll never get out of grade 7 —- how did that man ever ever get his teaching certificate —lol

    • Connection Colombia says :

      Yes, I remember that “teacher” well. It’s amazing to think back at some of the astoundingly negative some teachers were. But then, I remember others, such as Ms. Dilly, whose inspiration and passion for learning stays with you through life.

  8. sleepybear1956 says :

    Looking forward to getting together for some more conversations on the memories of the past — the more i remember, the more i cherish our friendship

  9. Tony says :

    Thanks for the like over at naturestimeline, David.

    Best Wishes


  10. Frank Luba says :

    Fascinating. I will have to read more of your posts!

    • Connecting Colombias says :

      Thanks for the comment Mr. Luba. I hope you find something interesting. As it turns out, I am ready some of your files these days for a freelance article I am working on. I always know when I read a Frank Luba piece that it is right on the mark.

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