Fired senator Piedad Córdoba presents fraud case to political executioneer, Alejandro Ordóñez

It´s one of those bizarre political encounters, hardly imaginable even in Colombia.

Piedad Córdoba sube al helicóptero

(Photo credit: Globovisión) Former senator Piedad Córdoba has used her FARC contacts to negotiate the release of hostages. Those same contacts have caused her to be barred from politics. Today, she presented the manned who barred her from politics with evidence of recent election fraud.

Piedad Córdoba, once nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize then removed from office for purported inappropriate links with FARC guerrillas, met today with Alejandro Ordóñez, the man who removed her from office and barred her for 18 years.

The former senator presented Ordóñez with more of the mounting evidence of massive election fraud in last Sunday´s congressional elections. Among the supposed examples of fraud was that used to deny her son, Juan Luis Castro Córdoba, a seat in the House of Representatives.

Castro Córdoba was running to replace his mother. Many election posters featured her photo, and not his.

Córdoba headed a delegation of Afro-Colombians, and members of the Colombian left, including representatives of political parties Polo Democrático Alternativo and the Unión Patriótica.

Examples of election fraud, such as vote-buying, intimidation and the manipulation of vote counts have been rampant since last Sunday´s election.

Strangely, all the votes have yet to be counted.

The meeting was apparently conducted with no reference to the bitter battle between Ordóñez and Córdoba, which cost the controversial, left-wing senator her political career, in the same fashion that Bogotá Mayor Gustavo Petro now faces. Ordóñez fired Córdoba in 2010 for her communications with FARC guerrillas, the same contacts she used to negotiate the release of hostages and inspired her nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The meeting apparently featured no rancor from the political battle that ended Córdoba´s career as an elected official.

Afterwards, she spoke of her confidence in Ordóñez to consider the complaints. And Ordóñez restricted his comments to the complaints at hand.

“I have listened judiciously to the complaints that they presented, various of which we have already heard,” Ordóñez said afterwards. He said he would take appropriate measures with the agency which runs Colombian elections.

Though the congressional campaign ended last Sunday, the presidential vote is set for May 25.

Meanwhile, many in Colombia are wondering if Petro is finally in his last moments as Bogotá mayor. He has relied on populist demonstrations, appeals to international human rights organizations and pleadings in Colombian courts to hang onto his job since being ordered removed by Ordóñez last Dec. 9.

Anything is possible, but many expect the courts to dismiss the appeals by Petro and his suporters, who have argued removing the former M-19 guerrilla leader from office for purportedly mismanaging the restructuring of the city´s garbage collection system, would be a violation of his and voters´ human rights.

Petro is also hoping for a last-minute stay-of-execution from the Comisión Internaciónal de Derechos Humanos. He asked the Organization of American States body to take preventive measures to protect those rights while it determines whether his dismissal would violate international law.

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