Colombian guerrillas ´deeply regret´shooting at leftist presidential candidate Aída Abella´s convoy

Colombian guerrillas say they’re sorry for attacking Unión Patriótica Aída Abella´s presidential campaign convoy.

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(Photo: Wikipedia) ELN guerrillas say they are deeply sorry for shooting at Unión Patriótica presidential campaign caravan, but say they were shot at first.

The Ejército de Liberación Nacional confirmed Thursday what Colombia Defence Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón said earlier, that guerrillas were behind the attack on the Unión Patriótica caravan last Sunday.

One vehicle – not the one carrying Aída Abella – received 14 bullets. And it was thought that Abella – who survived a bazooka assassination attempt in the 1990s – had again survived an assassination attempt.

But the ELN published an explanation on its website Thursday admitting two of its armed members attempted to stop the convoy as it travelled in a conflict zone in the northern department of Arauca, near the Venezuelan border.

When the 12-vehicle convey did not stop shots were exchanged. The guerrillas said they were sorry and they would do their best to ensure something like that would not happen again. But they also said someone in the convoy of vehicles with darkened windows fired first.

“We deeply regret the incident and apologize to the candidate Aida Avella. At the same time we will take the necessary precautions to ensure that this does not happen again.”

The guerrillas explained there are constant conflicts with the Colombian army and paramilitaries in the region and that they need to maintain control of vehicles using secondary routes.

Abella accepted the apology.

Abella has returned from 17 years in exile to lead the Unión Patriótica which saw as many as 5,000 members – including two presidential candidates – assassinated after it was formed as part of the 1985 peace talks between the government and FARC guerrillas.

Abella and all other Unión Patriótica candidates have received numerous death threats during this year´s congressional and presidential elections.

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