Bogotá graffiti artists protest injustice, violence after Bieber scandal

To commemorate the 24 Hours of Graffiti protest in Bogotá, the protest against the impunity and privilege of foreigners while Colombians are persecuted in their own country, I shall post a link to one of Colombia´s most renowned street artists: Stinkfish.

English: Street art in Bogotá, Colombia

Street art in Bogotá, Colombia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Graffiti artists announced the protest after Bogotá police guarded Canadian rock star Justin Bieber so he could paint graffiti in a Bogotá tunnel. The tunnel is not far from where Bogotá police executed Diego Felipe Becerra, 16, an unarmed, talented street artist.

Check this out. Bogotá street art is renowned for good reason.

And article about Bogotá street art:

And an earlier report I posted about Becerra.


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